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This set of step by step videos takes you through all the basics of using Google sites. Google sites is an online piece of software for creating websites. It's free, simple, and easy to use, making it a great educational technology tool that can be utilised by both teachers and students alike.  Google sites is one of the easiest to use websites builders out there, but despite this offers a lot more control and customisation than many of its competitors, without being over complicated. Multiple students can contribute to the same website simultaneously from their own devices, making an ideal tool for educators when it comes to setting group work. 



 Wix is an ideal tool if you want to create your own website for your business or to have your own profile. It is free to use and very user friendly. What I like most however is that it produces a very professional looking website very quickly and easily. The interace is very easy to work with and my videos take you through all the basics. Don't forget the tool is free, so if you are interesting in teaching with technology adn geting your students to create their own websites, then this is an ideal tool.

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