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This set of teacher training videos shows you how to use the break out rooms in Adobe Connect. It quickly lists the key issues in using break out rooms and then takes you through all the basics step by step. If you work with Adobe Connect then learning how to use break out rooms will be very useful. Break out rooms allow you to put the students into different groups and get them working but you can move between the rooms and listen to what is taking place


Adobe Connect is a really useful tool for deliverying online teaching, webinars and even for video conferences. In this video I provide a really useful tip on how you can increase engagement and making the presentations more lively and dynamic. I have been working with Adobe Connect for 7 years and have learnt a lot about the technology and what it can do. This is a really useful idea that you can also apply to other webinar tools that have similar features.


Adobe Connect has a notes pod option that can be used in some very creative ways. In this video I quickly show you a useful tip on how you cn use notes pods to make your sessions more engaging. This works really well with groups up to about 10 students. You can create a notes pod for each student and set it up in a layout and that way each student will have their own notes pod . You can use this in all sorts of ways. I have made really good use of this in presentations, webinars and even in live teaching sessions.


Adobe Connect is an ideal tool for online presentations, webinars and delivering fully online courses. It is a virual classroom which can replace the face to face element in a blended course to make it fully online. In this set of videos I take you through a quick introduction to Adobe Connect and provide you with some useful tips about the way you can use the technology and what my own experience  has been.


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