TripLine-Interactive maps that play like a video | Teacher Tools Blog
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Tripline is a really simple tool that is ideal if you are doing anything around maps, journey, holidays and trips. Students can open a map, mark out a journey and then add information points along the journey. They can then play back the whole thing as a sort of video. The journey will be marked out  and the information will appear on the screen. Lots of fun, easy to do and can be used in lots of ways. Get students to write about famous journeys, voyages, their holidays and trips etc. Students can also present their interactive maps. Another really nice tool that allows you to add interactivity over a picture of map is ThingLink and you might also like to look at that.  Tools for Educators: ThingLink brings images to life

Don't forget to watch the videos FULL SCREEN. Just rollover over the controls to see the button.

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