Ted.Ed: A five minute introduction-Flip & Blend your learning | Teacher Tools Blog
Russell's five minute blog
Quickly build quizzes and other learning content around  YouTube videos. A great way to create Flipped Learning content or Blended Learning material for your lessons. This quick video tutorial will take you through the basics. You can choose any YouTube video, build learning activities around the video like quizzes, discussions and also additional links and articles to read. You can then make all of this shareable with your students. This is an ideal teacher tech tool for a Flipped Classroom scenario and since it is free it is also possible to get the students to create their own activities for other students to do. If you want a more detailed set of videos about the Ted.Ed then watch these videos. Using Technology in Education: Ted.Ed for Flipped and Blended Learning

Don't forget to watch the video full screen

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