SnagIt is one of my favourite educational technologies in the market. I have it open all the time and use it many times in one day. SnagIt produces great screen capture but it also produces superb image capture. You can capture an image, augment it by adding text and arrows onto the image and then save it. I use it for making worksheets, adding images into PowerPoint and Word etc. It is a superb tool and so easy to use. You can literally image capture anything on your screen ( like taking a picture) and then add a whole range of elements into the picture to augment it. Watch my two quick examples and you will see how easy it is to do. If you want to learn more about using SnagIt for image capture then try this other set of videos. Excellent Teacher Technology: SnagIT for Screen capture and Screen Casting
Don't forget to use the video controls to watch the video full screen

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