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Tripline is a great online tool for teachers and students that has got loads of uses. Students can create interactive maps of places they have visted and then add text and pictures. So for example a student can write about a fantasy journey, a recent holiday, a school visit, a rock tour or even an explorers journey. They can map out the route using the interactive map and then write about the places. This is ideal for CLIL too. It gives a nice context to writing activities but students can easily present their ideas too, so great for both writing and speaking. I watched a teacher using this tool in a lesson and was very impressed. The students had to create a fantasy journey and then write about how they travelle there, what they saw, what they did, where the stayed etc. They were allowed to visit any 3 places in the world. It worked very well and the students presented their ideas in groups at the end of the lesson.


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Don't forget to watch the videos FULL SCREEN. Just rollover over the controls to see the button.






Don't forget to open the screen to full size






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