This is the list of the 12 most popular teacher tools on the teacher training videos website.In fact I have given you 2 more. If you are interested in teaching and learning with technology then this would be a great place to start. I suggest you work through these tools, read the descriptions and then learn those technologies that seem most interesting to you. However I would recommend that everyone learns SnagIt ( currently number one) as this tool would be useful to any educator working in most contexts.

1-SnagIt- Outstanding eductional technology tool

Technology for teachers

SnagIt is one of the most useful teacher tools you will ever find. It is a Screen Capture Technology which means that you can record the screen of your own computer like a video. It is this technology which I use to create teacher training You can open up an image, a document, a table or graph onto your screen and then add your voice to it and turn it into a video. So you can make almost anything into a learning video. It is probably the tool for educators that I use the most. I have a very popular set of videos that shows 10 ways to use screen capture technology that is also very popular


2-A complete introduction to Google Forms

3 technology for teachers



Google Forms is so useful for making surveys, quizzes and questionnaires. It is a very useful tool for educators that will save you time. You can produce surveys in seconds and then share the links with your students or with staff.  The users click on the links and complete the questionnaires and the data is all brought together in one place and summarized into tables and graphs. The great thing is you don't have have to do anything. You simply make the survey and then share the link, the rest is done for you. You have lots of question types to choose from including multiple choice,ranking, short answer, paragraphs and much more. Recently Google Forms also introduced Google Forms with quizzes where you can set up self checking quizzes for your students. This can be great for formative tests and assesments. I have rencently added a set of videos on using Google Quizzes-Teaching with Technology

3-Edmodo- Perfect to compliment your online teaching, flipped classroom or  blended course

2 technology for teachers

This is a very quick introductory video to Edmodo. Edmodo is ideal if you want to blend/flip/teach online and you are looking for a central location to keep all the content that the students can access and make use of. It is one of the most useful online teaching tools for teachers and it is free too. You can create quizzes, polls, set assessments etc and the students can do all of these in Edmodo. You can share any content and create discussions, all in one place. You can also track the activity of the students and see what they have completed. Additionally it has great security and each group you create will have a passcode. This set of videos is a quick introduction.   If you want to learn more about Edmodo then follow this link. Edmodo-Key Educational Technology Tool


4-Quizlet-Ideal tool for revision and learning with technology

Quizlet excellent teacher tool

This tool is mainly used for learning vocabulary and it is very popular. However it could be used for any sort of revision and is ideal for repetitive learning. Quizlet has loads of vocabulary revision flash cards that you can use, so you don't need to make anything, you can just access the content. It is a great tool to show your students. One of my favourite educational technology tools this is ideal for students learning any language. It can be used on mobiles and tablets too. If you want to learn to use some of the advanced features, then you also have access to Quizlet Advanced Learning with Technology

5-Socrative-Teaching with technology Socrative quiz maker

socrative-Great technologies for teachers

A great teacher tool for creating quizzes and polls that you can use in the class. If you are looking to make your lessons more engaging and like teaching with technology in the classroom then this is ideal. You can set up quizzes that the students can answer with their mobiles, tablets or computers. So you can present material and then put the students into groups to answer the questions. All the results come straight back to you, so you can see what answers each group wrote. You can create simple quizzes or game type quizzes. When you create a quizz, the students simply access a code and then they can do the quiz, so it is easy to set up. A great tech tool for teachers that can help make lessons more engaging.


6- online tools for teachers-Using  SKYPE

skype teaching technology tools

How to use SKYPE to teach online. SKYPE is a cheap but effective way of delivering the live component of an online course. If you wanted to teach online then a combination of using Edmodo and SKYPE would work very well and indeed for some short courses I have delived online, I have done exactly this. This set of videos goes through all the basics of SKYPE and shows you how to screen share, share files and have groups of callers on one SKYPE call. A very useful online teaching tool for teachers.

7-How to do effective searchers for images on Google

Google great teachers tools

This is a very useful set of training videos for both teachers and students. It shows you some very useful tricks we can use when searching for images on the internet. It shows you how to search for copyright free images, certain types of images, certain colour images and even certain size images. These are all very useful tricks that both teachers and students will find useful. Learning with technology also means being aware of issues like copyright, creative commons etc and this should help you.

8-Present me- Great teacher tool for flipping your classes

Present me- Teaching with technology

Present.Me is a great teacher tool for anyone interested in the flipped classroom, teaching online or any form of blended learning. With Present me, you can load up a PowerPoint presentation, a PDF document or Google Doc and then add your webcam and voice as you go through the presentation. It is ideal for flipped classroom as you can record yourself giving presentations and then make them available to your students. You can embed the recordings or share the link. Remember that students can also use this tool. It is great to get your students doing their own presentations. There is a limited to free tool that you can access that allows you to make up to 3 recordings.The videos show you how to access the free tool.

9-Create your own personal website or one for your class or school

Wiz- teaching with technology

You can make incredibly professional websites with this free technology. If you want to create your own personal website, a school website, a website for your business, then I can really recommend this site. What is more, the website is free. I have even used it with groups of students and got them to create their own websites. This is a great tech tool for teachers and can be used in lots of different ways. The websites look very professional and they are very easy to create.


TodaysMeet-Teaching with technology

Simple discussion and collaboration tool. This is always very popular when I present it at conferences.It is so easy to set up. It is a great way of brainstorming your students for ideas or getting their feedback or questions when you present some material. You simply create a room, the students can then access the room and you then have a central location to chat and discuss ideas. Everything is collected together in one place and you can print the discussions or embed them. A very easy tool to use and very useful in a lesson. If you like using technology in education within the lesson, then this is a great tool.

11-Why blogging is so relevant to teachers and students

Blooger great technology for educators

Without a doubt one of the most useful educational technology tools you can learn. Blogging is such a flexible tool. You can use it to create a teacher blog, a class blog or get your students to create their own blogs too. Great for reflection, feedback, keep a learning log, writing activities, creating group based work etc. I really feel that blogging is underrated. I have used it on many occasions. I used it to asses the students on the MA courses I taught at the University of Warwick and for reflection on teacher training courses. I really recommend you learn to blog and these videos will really help you. I have also created a second set of videos to show you how to make your blog designs better. A key tool for educators-How to create a well designed blog

12-Adobe Connect-Superb online teaching tool for delivering live sessions

Adobe Connect online tools for teachers

If you are thinking of teaching online and want to look for something professional then this is the tool to work with. Adobe Connect is  a virtual classroom where you can share your screen, share your presentation, set up polls, chat, use the whiteboarrd and much more. It is used in many universities and institutions to deliver online courses and is probably the number one online teaching tool. This set of videos introduces the technology but I have also produced second set of videos that shows you how to use the Adobe Connect break out rooms. Educational Tools for teachers-Adobe Break out Rooms



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