Moodle tutorials
A full introduction to using Moodle

This is a complete introduction to using Moodle. Moodle is a virtual learning environment that is used widely in schools and institutions. Moodle is an online tool used for  housing digital content on MOOCS, distance learning courses, blended learning and for the Flipped Classroom. It also allows you to build learning activities around the content. So you can create forums, discussions, quizzes, blog and wikis within Moodle too. It is one of the most commonly used online tools for teachers. This set of videos takes you through all the basics of using Moodle and introduces you to the different ways that you can organise your learning content using the list form but also the grid form which was introduced in the latest version. I have also produced a second set of videos about Moodle. Teaching with Technology-Create Quizzes using Moodle


Creating quizzes in Moodle

In this set of teacher training videos you will learn to create quizzes in one of the most commonly used online teaching tools Moodle. Moodle is an online learning environment where teachers can store all their digital learning content so that students can easily access it. Teachers can then build activities around the content. Moodle offers the option to create blogs, wikis, forums, chats and of course quizzes. This set of videos shows you how the quizz feature in Moodle works. There are a huge range of different quiz types and these videos take you through most of them. If you are looking to create online quizzes with Moodle then this is an ideal set of videos to watch. There is also a full set of introductory videos you can watch. Key Educational Technology Tools-A Full Introduction to Moodle

A full introduction to using Moodle

This is a fabulous design trick in Moodle. I show you how you can make your Moodle site work more like a website. It is a trick I learnt from Thom Kiddle at NILE and it really makes a Moodle site work more like a website.This way your Moodle site will have buttons and your users will be able to navigate the site as if it was a website. You can avoid all the big long lists of links. 


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