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This is a popular video about the Flipped Classroom that I have now added onto YouTube. It is quick and straight to the point and highlights two key things. Firstly the principles behind the Flipped Classroom and secondly just 2 key educational technologies that you need to flip your classes. It provides some information about the roots of the Flipped Classroom and talks about just 2 technologies that you need to focus on if you want to flip your classes. The Flipped Classroom is just a technique and it doesn't require you to totally change the way you teach. It doesn't even require you to tell the students that you are flipping your classes. If you want to learn more about the Flipped Classroom, you might like to start with these two key tools. Edmodo: A key educational technology for organising your resources and the videos on screen capture. SnagIT:  Key Teacher Technology: How to build your own resources for blended and flipped learning






1- Great review of some of the Flipped Classroom research with superb set of additional resources at the end.

2-The Horizon Report gives 2 pages to the Flipped Classroom and offers some interesting links.

3- Aaron Sames and Jonathan Bergmann talking about dealing with some of the challenges in the Flipped Classroom

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