Russell's lectures
A short video that takes you through some of the experiments I have done with technology to get students speaking. I talk about the ideas that influenced me and then go on to show you some nice examples of student's work. I then go through some of the problems I had as well as talk about tips to deal with those problems. I then look at the issue of feedback and make some suggestions of how we can get students to self evaluate. I provide a quick list of some of the teacher tech tools that I have used to make recordings. If you like this video you might also like the video on the key principles in blended learning. It is based on my Flipped Classroom course that has been shortlisted for the British Council ELTons Award 2017.  Key Principles Behind Good Blended/Online Courses


Don't forget to watch the videos FULL SCREEN. Just rollover over the controls to see the button.



David Kluge-Boosting Fluency Speaking Through Partner Taping
Peter Schneider Using Pair Taping
aul Nation Developing fluency

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