Language Learning-Vocabulary

Quizlet is one of the most popular educational technologies on the internet with thousands of teachers and students making use of the free revision flash cards for vocabulary. There is content in literally hundreds of languages and there is a huge range of free flash cards to choose from including some with sound and visuals. This is an ideal online tech tool to encourage students to revise and study vocabulary. The basic tool is free and teachers can organise students into groups and provide them with collections of flash cards to revise their vocabulary from. Quizlet has been featured on TV and has generated a lot of pubicity. This set of advanced videos takes you through some of the class settings and additional affordances of Quizlet. You may want to watch the first set of videos that take you through the basics of using Quizlet Educational Technology Tools-A Complete Introduction to Quizlet


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Don't forget to watch the videos FULL SCREEN. Just rollover over the controls to see the button.

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