Language Learning-Vocabulary
Language Learning-Vocabulary

Quizlet is a very useful educational technology tool that helps students revise vocabulary. This technology tool can be used by both teachers and students. Teachers can set up classes and students can access hundreds of vocabulary revision cards which can include both sound and visuals. The great thing about Quizlet is that teachers can access the thousands of pre-built flash cards that already exist in many languages so there is no need to create new flash cards. There are flash cards in hundreds of languges covering vocabulary, grammar, phrases and expressions. In fact this technology could actually be used to revise a whole range of subjects though it is essentially used to revise vocabulary. These Advanced Features in Quizlet are the second set of videos. If you have not used Quizlet before then I suggest you start with this set of videos. Key Tools for Educators-A Full Introdcution to using Quizlet

Flashcard using technology in education

This is a fantastic resource and online teacher tool with ready-made flashcards for use in the classroom.  Great for ESL/ESOL and mixed nationality classes or for teaching any lanaguage.  These clear Flashcards can break through the language barrier. The cards are arranged in sets and can be printed off in a variety of sizes. There are word cards as well as pictures and can be searched by tags. A great online teacher resource.

Learning Chocolate

Learning Chocolate is an audio visual mini dictionary with lots of topic based vocabulary that includes pictures, audio recordings of the words and exercises to do. There are hundreds of sets of flash cards and the level goes from very basic vocabulary right up to very high levels. Each word is represented by an image and the audio file is also included. You will find a range of activities too. The content is in several languages including English, Spanish and Chinese

Quizlet 2017 is a quick introduction into all the basics of using 2017. This is a useful technology tool for practicing vocabulary and revising words. There are thousands of pre-made flash cards, so you don't need to create anything. You just search for flash cards and then you can use those flash cards to play a variety of games and activities. Quizlet is free and to use the flash cards you don't even have to sign up. You can start to use them immediately. There are flash cards in many different languages. Most flash cards include the picture, the audio and in some cases a translation. There are 6 different activity types to choose from. 

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