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These videos show 9 different websites for learning with technology. These are great for improving spelling ideally for mainly younger learners but a few for adults as well. Some use British and some use American pronunciation.  They offer a variety of different activities for improving spelling. Each has an element of listening, too. Sites include BBC Bitesize, which allows embedded in a blog, the phonics based Word Builder, which lots of contents. two kinds of spelling bee - one which shows a visual thesaurus. Others shown are BBC Spellits with lots of games. Spelling City, where you can unscramble sentences.  Some of these simple educational technology tools show how words are used in context. 

These videos go through 8 different websites which are great for improving English language pronunciation.  These learning with technology sites focus on simple practice of pronunciation such as dipthongs, vowels, consonants, minimal pairs, phonics and using a phonemic chart.   These are suited to autonomous learners working through exercises in their own time.  Those featured are: English Online, English File, Spoken Skills, BBC Learning English, Ship or Sheep, Simple English, Many Things and Word Builder.

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