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These videos go through 8 different websites which are great for improving English language pronunciation.  These learning with technology sites focus on simple practice of pronunciation such as dipthongs, vowels, consonants, minimal pairs, phonics and using a phonemic chart.   These are suited to autonomous learners working through exercises in their own time.  Those featured are: English Online, English File, Spoken Skills, BBC Learning English, Ship or Sheep, Simple English, Many Things and Word Builder.

Quizlet 2017 is a quick introduction into all the basics of using 2017. This is a useful technology tool for practicing vocabulary and revising words. There are thousands of pre-made flash cards, so you don't need to create anything. You just search for flash cards and then you can use those flash cards to play a variety of games and activities. Quizlet is free and to use the flash cards you don't even have to sign up. You can start to use them immediately. There are flash cards in many different languages. Most flash cards include the picture, the audio and in some cases a translation. There are 6 different activity types to choose from. 

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