Listen A Minute - Teacher Training Videos

Listen A Minute is  free, online tool for teachers is a site that offers reading material that students can listen to. There are also numerous interactive activities that accompany the articles. Related to Breaking News English, it is primarily aimed at lower levels such as PET or KET. Audio recordings can be played directly from the site or downloaded your own device.  The numerous interactive activities need little or no adapting.  One quiz asks students to reproduce the whole reading activity.  The other quiz gets students to recreate the whole text from memory using key words.  Additionally, tasks can be recommended to students and set as homework. An idea teacher technology that is both useful to teachers and students. Students can listen to the audio, do the excellent quizzes and also listen and follow the written text. Another great technology for both students and teachers is Quizlet. Quizlet Key Educational Language Learning Technology for both Students and Teachers

Don't forget to use the video controls to watch the video full screen


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