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Breaking News English is one of the largest sites for learning English. The website takes contemporary news items, simplifies them and then builds a whole range of activities around the central news item.  There is content at a range of levels and each news item includes an audio file that can be downloaded and used in the class. Breaking News English offers content for both the teacher and the students. So teachers can make use of the audio files and then use the photocopiable material in class and for homework. Students can work through the many quizzes, games and activities that are self marking and can allow students to study and learning independently. Breaking News English offers content at different levels but if you are looking for content at A2 to B1 level, you might want to look at this second set of videos. Great Listening Material for Low Level Students (A2-B1) Listenaminute Content in English


For more virtual classroom software videos visit Lyrics training


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