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Flipped Classroom

Russell talks teacher tools
In this short lecture Russell Stannard talks about the principles behind the Flipped Classroom and then goes onto talk about 2 key tools for educators that we can use to start Flipping our Classes. Russell focuses on the importance of Bloom's Taxonomy and explains how one of the ideas behind the Flipped Classroom is making better use of teacher's time. Russell points out that you need two key tools for the online part of the Flipped Classroom. Firstly a place to keep all your learning content, so that it can be accessed easily by students and secondly tools to create content. We often make use of the many resources that are available when flipping our learning but there are also times when we need to make content. Russell will highlight one very useful tool for making learning content very quickly.

Use of technology in education-Flipped Classroom

SnagIt screen capture sofware
SnagIt is an ideal technology for flipping your classes. It allows you to produce video content and images very quickly. It is one of the most popular technologies on teacher training videos. SnagIt is an educational technology tool that allows you to create screen casts videos. Teachers can talk over images, graphs, PowerPoint, documents, table etc and add their own commentary and then save the results as a video. The video can then be shared with teachers very quicly through a whole range of channels. Screen capture technology is used extensively for blended learning, the Flipped Classroom, distance learning courses and MOOCS. This set of videos quickly shows you what a useful tool for educators SnagIt is.

A complete introduction to using Edmodo

Edmodo is online too for teachers that lets them blend their learning. Teachers can set up groups  and the students can join a group and access all the learning content that the teachers adds to the Edmodo site. This is ideal for blended learning or Flipped Classroom since the teacher can have one central location where the students can access the content and which is also password protected. Teachers can add up videos, documents, pictures, links to the web,PowerPoint presentations and then build learning activities around them through quizzes, polls and assignments. This is a free teacher educator tool that now has more than 50 million users.


Dr Eddy Moran is a lecturer at Stiring University. I saw a wondeful presentation of his on the Flipped Classroom where he spoke about the use of the Commnuity of Inquiry Framework and how it can be used to better understand the impact of the Flipped Classroom. I like the framework as it provides a more balanced view of how the Flipped Classroom might impact on our teaching and learning. Watching a video at home is not the same as working with the teacher in the classroom and there are key reasons why there might be limits on the Flipped Classroom and its impact on teaching and learning. This is an interview  worth watching and one that I learnt a lot from.




Teachers talking about key teacher tools

Geordie Raine talking about how he uses Present.Me to flip his classes. This is a great interview where Geordie talks about one of the most useful educational technologies I have used called Present.Me. Geordie talks about how he uses the technology to create flipped learning content that helps him to deal with the heavy learning load on A levels and how this frees up more time in the classroom for focusing on the exams and revision. Geordie talks about some very creative ways that he produces flipped content



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