Edmodo-Setting assignments and giving feedback | Edmodo & Moodle

You are able to set assignments in Edmodo and they are really useful. You can include videos, PDF files, pictures etc in your assignment. You can then give feedback on the assignment and also give the students a mark. The students receive the feedback directly and the marks are stored in the database which you can access on Edmodo. In this video I show you both the student view and the teacher view so that you can see exactly what happens. Edmodo is a great tool for teaching with technology and it can help you to organise your learning in one central location. You can use Edmodo to set quizzes, discussions, polls , assignments and much more. Another set of videos that you might find really useful are these ones. Key Educational Tools: 10 Common Problems and Solutions in Edmodo

Don't forget to watch the videos full screen. Look on the video controls below




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