Introduction To Blogger 2016 | Training Videos
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Blogger is perhaps one of the most versatile and useful educational technology tools. It can be used by both teachers and students in a whole array of different ways. For example a teacher can create a class blog with information for all the students in the class with links, videos, articles, documents etc. A teacher can also easily use Blogger to create a teacher profile or even a website. Blogger allows the creation of multiple pages, so it can easily be used to create a website as well, so it is ideal if a teacher wants to have their own personal website. Blogger is a great tool for students took. They can use it for writing activities, as a tool for keeping their E-Portfolio, as a tool for keeping a reflective diary or for creating their own personal profile. Blogger is easy, free and very flexible. It is an ideal tool for educators as it is so flexible. There is also a second set of videos that you might find interesting which focus on designing in Blogger. Key Educational Technology Tools- How to design using Blogger. Ready to start your blog? Visit educational technology software



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