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This is a complete introduction to using Blogger. Blogging is one of the most useful educational technology tools that teachers can learn to use because it is so versatile. Blogger is also free. You can use Blogger to create a teacher blog, class blog or use it to show your students how to create a student blog. Blogger can actually be used for website create too as you can now produce multiple pages in Blogger, giving the tool even more flexibility. Blogger is an incredibly easy tool to use and completely free. Teachers can learn to blog in just a few hours. It is an ideal online technology tool for a whole range of situations There is no need to have any coding or HTML skills. Students can use Blogger to create a student blog, an E-Portfolio, a reflective diary and much more. There is also a second set of videos on how to design your blog and make it more interesting. Teaching and Learning with Technology. How to design your Blogger site

How to design for Blogger 2016 - Tools for teachers

Blogger is an ideal teaching technology tool as it can be used in so many different ways. If you are a teacher you can use it to create a teacher blog that other teachers can read, a class blog that all the students can access or even a teacher profile or teacher website. Class blogs for example can include links to all the learning content on the course including articles, PPT, videos, links and podcasts. Teachers can also get students to keep blogs, For example it might be a reflective diary about the student's learning, students can use it for writing practice in language classes or it can be an ideal place for an E-portfolio. Students can keep all their digital content in their blog ( like audio recordings, writing, texts, videos, quizzes etc) and these can be assessed and evaluated by the teacher. Blogger is an ideal teacher technology because it is so flexible and so easy to use. It is also free. For teacher who want to a full introduction to working with blogger, you might also like to look at these videos. Key Tech Tools for Teachers- A Full Introduction to Blogger

A full introduction to using PB Wiki

A complete set of training videos that take you through all the basics of using PB wiki. If you have thought of making your own PB wiki site or wanted to set up a wiki for your students then this is an ideal tool. PB wiki is a great educational technology tool, if you want your students to collaborate and work together. You can create a wiki page where students can all work together adding their content, links text, videos and podcasts. It is ideal for group work and sharing activities. The tracking facility means that you can see exactly what individual students have contributed to the wiki space. This makes it as useful too for formative assessment too.


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